After a lifetime of seeking and searching I was ordained on Aug 3, 2013.  The journey to that momentous day took me through careers as a musician and music teacher in schools, as a person with M.E. using personal growth work to recover, private practice and lecturing as a psycotherapist, and as a Substance Misuse Worker in the NHS.   What sustained me in that journey is pictured in the images below, while a lifetime love of and involvement with the arts and classical music have given me a sure sense of what works well in ceremonies and rituals.


My inner journey began with being refused the Roman Catholic priesthood training at the age of ten, and continued along Non-Conformist and Anglican paths.  There then followed an exploration of Eastern traditions before settling in Sufi mysticism which summed up for and made sense for me of all which had gone before.  This provided a firm frame on which to base my OneSpirit training and practice.


It is my joy to help you, my readers, come to a sense of what is important for you in being the unique human being you are, and enable you to articulate your own sense of the core values of your life.  These might be things like Love, Truth, Beauty, Nature, your friends, your family, and a sense of Spirit or God. Having decided to work together to create the bespoke ceremony you dream of, I will then take the energy of your vision, and give it a shape and form which can then unfold as the beautiful event you share with the important people that you love.  Ceremonies can be held in a house, a hired room, a hotel, a garden, a beach, and even in some churches.  It is my duty and pleasure to then fill them with a sense of grace, that numinous, spiritual, something extra that an ordained minister can channel.


I also offer Spiritual Counselling for those of you who want to make changes to how you are inside yourself, and seek to become clear about what you think and feel your life is about.  This works well on the phone, skype or in person.


I live in Lancashire and work throughout the Northwest, Liverpool, Cumbria, Manchester, and West Yorkshire.  I have a second base in London.  Being asked to minister in other parts of England, Scotland, and Wales becomes a wonderful excuse to visit friends.

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