About OneSpirit Interfaith



OneSpirit Interfaith is a way of seeking what is in between the major faith paths.  It acknowledges the thread in all human beings that feels there is more to life than merely ourselves.  At that mystical level all is Oneness and all paths are justifiable routes to OneSpirit.  Names are just names, and words often divide us, yet, in the eyes of the greatest of levellors of them all, love and death, all us humans are the same.


An Interfaith ceremony is particularly suitable for you if


  • You have a sense of the spiritual and numinous, don't want a normal church service, yet find a strictly humanist ceremony is not enough;

  • You want to celebrate core human values in words of your own choosing or with texts drawn from some of the world's religions;

  • You were brought up in a particular religion and have moved away from it, yet want to acknowledge some of the good, even loved, parts of it;

  • You are a couple from different faith paths and require an inclusive ceremony that honours both of your traditions;

  • You have something to celebrate and want more than just a party.

The OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation is inclusive, embracing the mystical, universal truths at the heart of all spiritual traditions. It celebrates the values of respect, reconciliation, forgiveness, and fellowship.  We believe that difference - social, sexual, racial, religious - when approached as a potential source of enrichment, need not be experienced as a threat.  Old dichotomies of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ do not serve the healing of our world.  We join in the awakening of an inclusive global spirituality, through the training and enabling of open-hearted women and men to serve people of all faiths and none in our modern communities.

The Interfaith Ministers Association is the spiritual community of ministers ordained by the OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary.  Though the Foundation has a minimum structure, there are no churches, bishops, congregations, or dogma.  Each of us has our own personal spiritual path and none of us subscribe to a central set of beliefs.



I shall go into the mosque of the Muslim

I shall enter the Christian’s church and stand before the altar

I shall enter the Buddhist temple and take refuge in the Buddha

I shall go into the forest and sit down in meditation with the Hindus

Is Wisdom's book finished ? Or is revelation still going on ?

Salutations to all the prophets of the past, to all the great ones of the present,

 and to all that are to come in the future.                                                          Swami Vivekananda                                               

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