Ceremonies of Achievement and Personal Significance

Ceremoines of Personal Achievement and Significance are perhaps the most personal of all ceremonies. They would be comissioned because you, as a conscious adult, actually want such a thing to occur, and not because you just happen to be forty or whatever.  


















No achievement comes without struggle and an investment of time and money.  Whether it is passing an exam, obtaining a degree, surpassing a personal sports record, publishing a book, setting up a buisness, having your creative work exhibited, spotting your thousandth train, or climbing all the Munroes, Corbetts or Wainwrights, such a ceremony would be a mark of completion, of celebration, of saying to the world, "I have lived my dream".  Some very basic primal part of us as human beings always desires to strongly mark such moments in our lives, and our psyches can feel cheated if such important milestones are not honoured in a way that has meaning.


 A Personal Achievement Ceremony could take whatever form seems appropriate to yourself, and happen in any venue.  I look forward with delight to one day being comissioned to minister such an event on the top of a mountain!

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