Baby namings

Baby namings can be such fun!  You can welcome a new soul into the world in as joyous and celebratory a way as we can create together.  


Hold the event in a place you want to and in which you feel comfortable - even your own front room if you so desire - dress it up how you like, involve all the different family generations and get all the kids doing something together.  


Or, if you perfer, make it a quiet, natural affair to express your love and wonderment for the child that you have brought into the world, a time to declare your committment to its' future. 

Thank you so much your wonderful service on Oscar's naming day - it was absolutely perfect. We had so many comments from our friends and family about what a lovely service it was and how different it was to anything else that they had seen before.  The service felt so personal and it was the perfect welcome for Oscar into our family. We will treasure the memories forever. Everyone had a really good time - the day really couldn't have been any better (well, maybe a tiny bit more sunshine wouldn't have gone a miss, but you can't ask for everything!).                               Oscar, Vikki and Stuart


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