Bereavement Counselling

After the shock of a loved one dying and all the activity that follows leading up to the funeral is done, the society we live in expects us to get over it and return to everyday normality quickly.  


In many ways, however, the pain gets worse, and there can be long months ahead of feeling the almost unbearable fact of seperation.  This can be particularly bad at the nine month point when, in the Hindu tradition, it is ackowledged that the soul completes its' move out of physical reality (echoing nine months in the womb before birth), and in the second year when most of one's friends expect you  to have"got over it".

As a psychotherapist, I am used to sitting with people to listen and 'be' with then as they unfold through the process of their grief.  As I know from what happened to me following the death of my parents, an impartial ear that allowed me to just be what I was emotionally in that moment made it safe for me to feel the truth of my feelings in a way that was reliving, affirming and enabling.  Our English tradition of 'stiff upper lip' is of no use here.


Sessions can be in person, on the phone, or on skype.


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