Pre written funerals

There is a long and honourable tradition of planning and writing your own funeral oration and choosing the music before you die.  In our modern society, where the last taboo is that of death, this tradition has been lost.


As more people begin to realise that they have control and over their lives the choice to plan what happens to your body when you die is becoming more common.  This awareness has been increased by the eco movement and the growth of woodland burials places.  The growth in popularity of alternative funerals has encouraged people while still hale and hearty to become much more particular about what is said and done at their final send off.


For people who know they are about to die, planning their funeral can be part of the journey of reconciling themselves to that inevitability.  Easing the mind about the burden left upon those left behind can aid the sense of relief and release and help in saying what needs to be said before it is too late.


As with an unplanned funeral I would meet with the person and then craft a ceremony to fit their wishes.  A second meeting could then follow.  The ceremony could then be lodged with the will and the executers.  In due course the bereaved family and friends would then only have to follow what is already written down.  This could particularly help in strained family circumstances.

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