Spiritual counselling

Spiritual counselling is counselling with a difference.  All the usual 'talking therapies' techniques and theories are put to one side and instead a sense of your wholeness, of the sacred inside the centre of yourself, is invoked.  


This tapping into the inner wisdom which resides inside your own heart can release much subtle healing of your psyche which can then filter down into significant changes in how you view your life. Since, in an ultimate sense, we all create our own reality, a realigning of your thought processes with a sense of your inner wholeness can lead to changes in your day to day behaviour.  Problems like a lack of purpose in life, relationship and family problems, self worth, emotional pain, a feeling that there is an indefinable something you are not quite 'getting', and a fruitless searching for some sort of inner peace etc. can all beneift from spiritual counselling.



Sessions are in person, on the phone or on skype.  

There is a way from your heart to mine,

and my heart knows it,

because it is clean and pure like water.

When the water is still like a mirror, it can behold the moon.

                                                                                                    Mowlana Jallaedin Mohammad Rumi  

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