Gay Weddings

Since March 29th 2014, for the first time in over seventeen centuries, same-sex couples have been able to legally marry in England and Wales.  This was a red letter day for us and a dramatic step forward towards equality in the eyes of the law that has taken much activist work in the years since Stonewall to achieve.


In addition to everything already written on my Weddings page, Interfaith Gay Weddings are a passport to a particular sort of ceremony.  As a lot of us are highly creative and into alternative ways of doing things, our imagination is limited only by what is practical and achievable.   A ceremony could be ultra-trad, with, no doubt, a few flourishes, or as camp, butch, queer, fem, arty, earthy, theatrical, or alternative as Gay Pride In Piccadilly.  The whole spectrum of looks, music, references, and in-language that define the gay scene and our distinct sensibility in this twenty first century can be referred to and included.


Within this whole background of your own choices, the profound blessings and serious vows that are the whole point of getting married can sit with calmness and dignity.   

Terry and Emma Wedding Ceremony Video
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